Our Approach

Energy Management is in our DNA. Through decades of architecting and delivering Commodity Trade Risk Management (CTRM) systems, we have developed a proprietary Business Process Framework designed for transaction management that spans all commodities, transportation modes and business models, consisting of 15 Business Processes with over 140 Sub-Processes containing over 1000 requirements. This serves as the foundation for our energy management projects, accelerating requirements gathering, identifying coverage gaps, and providing a comprehensive structure to describe the full value chain from prospecting to value realization.

Challenges We Solve

We help companies develop a 360-degree view of the customer by leveraging technology to streamline operations, automate processes, and make smarter decisions for day-to-day and future success.

Enable smarter decision-making

Manage positions on a day-to-day basis for trading and operational decisions. Get visibility into current performance against short-term and long-term forecasts to enable quick pivots and business velocity.

Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency through visibility into the end-to-end process from scheduling to settlement and their effectiveness. For example, leverage insight into trading efficiency by instrument type or error counts to tune operations.

Manage risk effectively

Gain visibility and transparency across the commodity value chain to monitor risks and risk factors impacting deal valuation, portfolio valuation, and book valuation. Manage all forms of risk effectively: market risk, location risk, financial risk, regulatory risk.

Enrich customer engagement

Deliver rich, engaging experiences with your customers. Enable them to understand position management, valuation, settlements, and invoicing, and provide them with decision support tools around commodity decisions and pricing.

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Case Study

Implementing a CTRM platform for data-driven trading operations

New acquisitions created a complex operating environment that required assimilating people, processes, and technology to thrive in the competitive natural gas marketplace. Technical and operational automation provided the client with accurate tools to achieve business goals.
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Our Capabilities

We apply our Energy Management Business Process Framework to understand and benchmark your business, and develop purpose-fit solutions.

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Selecting the right CTRM platform to support your business strategy is critical to achieving your goals and realization of long-term benefits. CTRM systems can be a big investment and a powerful enabler with straight-through processing, complex modeling, and risk management capabilities.

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Evaluate the current state of your E/CTRM platform for optimization. We look at: State of counterparty integration around front, middle and back office processes, overall end-user satisfaction and adoption, deal profitability, reporting and insights.

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Our hands-on experience across leading CTRM systems across all commodities and business processes underpin our ability to deftly navigate common issues for implementation and go-live.

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Increase efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy of business processes through standardization, automation, and meaningful monitoring/measurement.

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Assess existing on-premise or Cloud environment to design an Azure environment that provides top performance and maintainability


Connect with customers and partners with branded portals that enable information sharing, collaboration, and feedback into sales activities in Sales Cloud.

How we do it

MRE's Differentiators

Energy Industry Knowledge

Trading Operations Technology Experience

Business Process Framework

Track Record of Delivery

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We help companies manage deals from the trading floor to commodity delivery, while managing enterprise risk and protecting profits.

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