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Staffing Solutions

Prime Vendor

MRE is able to serve as your prime staffing vendor, offering a single point of contact for all your contingent labor needs. We’ll make arrangements to subcontract with each of your existing vendors and consolidate them under one umbrella, resulting in minimized operational overhead, less paperwork, reduced administrative time and the convenience of receiving multiple benefits and services through one provider.

Payroll & Benefits

Through our partnership with ADP, MRE can manage payroll and benefits for all of your contingent labor and provides you with a single, consolidated invoice. We also process tax forms (W-2s for employees; 1099s for contractors) for the individuals that we place within your company, as well as your pre-existing contract labor.

Corporate Relocation

Moving an entire company to a new city can be a human resources nightmare, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the locale or the pool of available talent. MRE leverages its extensive network and proven recruiting and administrative processes to identify, screen and recommend experienced and knowledgeable candidates ― from clerical positions to management ― to continue your company’s success.