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The War on Spam

Similar to fishing in a lake or river, phishing is computer lingo for fishing over the Internet for personal information. The term was first used in 1996, when the first phishing act was recorded. Phishing uses link manipulation, image filter evasion and website forgery to fool Web users into thinking that a spoofed email or website is genuine and legitimate. Once the user enters vital information, he or she immediately becomes a phishing victim. We find it important to recognize that every business – even small and medium businesses – are potential targets.

Hackers and distributors of malware are simply looking for any opportunity to steal information, accounts, passwords, and identities and the less security they encounter, the easier their task. Now is the right time to evaluate or review businesses security policies and to implement protection practices and tools if they aren’t already in place. It is not hard to get started and we are here to help.


Since 2017, IT Security investments have increased as Cloud services and Hyper-convergence have made their way into organizations in all industries, and is the strongest segment in terms of growth in purchase intents across all IT segments.

Phishing victimization is preventable.

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