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It can be painful to see gaps in an IT environment and to recognize the cost and effort to correct it.  Whether you want to start an assessment internally or use a third party, you need to establish objectives. Ultimately, what do you expect to gain from conducting an assessment? A good starting point is understanding the levels of maturity of IT Operations Management and then focusing on improvements.

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There are many technologies and trends in the market that are, and will have, a major impact in the commodities market space and the Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) systems used to manage commodity trading businesses. But what are the right technologies to focus on? 

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Most businesses have some sort of data repository which enables them to produce operational reporting. Most of these warehouses are multi-generational by nature, meaning they have been developed and populated by multiple generations of business owners, developers, business analysts, data analysts, architects, etc. Many of these repositories do not have or have lost their data governance. So, what happens when this data is incorrect or inaccurate? Do you throw away your multi-year data warehouse investment?

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Failure to guide your resources to answer the right questions does not just slow progress, it will often prevent it! To keep your team focused, it is critical to have a Performance Issue Plan in place and to educate your support team on that plan. This article provides an approach that goes a long way in supporting your technical SMEs rather than distracting them. With the added benefit of allowing everyone involved to know they have contributed to the solution rather than just guessing at it.

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The missed opportunity: Data Analytics in the IT Infrastructure

To stay ahead of issues, we depended heavily on monitoring tools which mostly told us when a device was down. My team would then address the problem and life would return to normal for a while. One unwanted side effect of having the monitoring tools in place was that the number of alerts grew exponentially as our business grew. Despite our efforts to stabilize our customers systems, we were inundated with email alerts from these monitoring tools. I reached the point of either hiring a dedicated person to monitor alerts or find a way to implement automation solutions to find a balance. I felt that automation was the best long-term choice for our team.  

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