MRE Consulting Provided Rapid IT Infrastructure Asset Intelligence for a Local Charity


Upon entering into a Managed IT Services support arrangement with MRE, Interfaith Ministries had no reliable method of producing an accurate, comprehensive view of the state and health of their IT infrastructure.  Users, hardware, asset tags, applications, license models, configurations, and other key data were not current and manually maintained in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.  Accurate reports of data backup and virus protection also presented a challenge.  Inability to gain insight into their baseline of assets and what needed to be upgraded, procured, and supported did not create opportunities to make effective business decisions.  Without this visibility, it was difficult to establish a starting point for managed services support.


MRE deployed its Audix Cloud tool on the client’s network to rapidly gather infrastructure, hardware, and software information from each asset.  Not only did this instantly and efficiently provide asset categorization and identification, it also identified key other data such as disk capacity and usage, general and specific environment health, and potential hardware and software trends.

MRE also combined the data collection aspect of this Cloud solution with Microsoft Office 365 PowerBI to show innovative visualization of the collected data and trends.  The presentation was visually appealing to the stakeholder(s) who needed to consume the data, and was highly configurable for their specific needs.  Most importantly, the data was able to clearly tell a story which allows for confident, data-driven decision-making and actions.


Instead of dealing with an extended discovery period that would delay support, the Audix Cloud solution was able to rapidly assess the overall state and health of Interfaith Ministries’ IT assets.  MRE deployed a unique data collection and analysis tool which could gather infrastructure, hardware, and software information from each managed asset, and then analyze, correlate and provide meaningful and actionable insights from this data.

Audix identified and detected issues which could be converted into actionable and focused tasks.  MRE could now recommend if a device needed to be replaced, upgraded or fixed based purely on the analytical information received.  Windows Event Log errors could now be evaluated and correlated to failed patch events to understand what went wrong and where to focus support.


  • Automated process to rapidly gather IT asset intelligence
  • Improved the quality of Managed Services by enabling the team to be more responsive and proactive as the tool’s data Analysis found issues before they negatively impacted business operations
  • Data converted into actionable intel
  • Live dashboard metrics for executives and other decision makers