Experience Development.

DevOps practices stress the importance of small incremental builds deployed periodically to your production environments. This approach can help minimize the risk of system failures since the scope of defects is small and typically predictable.

DevOps also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your system capacity with your latest releases. Valuable insights can be gathered to identify how your code, data, and system configurations can be optimized for better performance
and stability. The end goal is to make your systems more resilient though
continuous learning and improvement.

Development Life Cycle

DevOps Wheel

MRE Technology Services Offers Two Software Products


Listens for ERCOT QSE notification messages and records the messages into a SQL database allowing the users to run custom reports and analytics on the data.

The Listener is designed to give visibility into historical and real-time ERCOT data. By coupling this tool with a visualization application such as PowerBI or Tableau, the users can gain valuable insights.

Audix Insights™

Audix is an IT infrastructure data mining tool that help organizations discover valuable data insights about their IT environment. Such insights include asset health, trend discovery, and more!