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Application Development

As part of our technology services, MRE offers application development. Our software developers, designers, testers and business analysts identify your organizational requirements and translate them, using industry-standard best practices, into quality, customized software applications designed to exceed your expectations and ensure a proper upgrade path as technologies evolve. MRE also provides software customization and support services for existing custom-developed applications that require upgrades or modifications.

Although MRE is a technology-agnostic firm, we specialize in software development technologies ranging from enterprise solutions to small office applications. We use technologies such as Java and J2EE, Microsoft .NET, PowerBuilder and more. We also specialize in web-based, desktop and mobile platforms.

Application & Systems Integration

With application and systems integration service options ranging from point-to-point solutions, such as ETL, to more complex solutions, such as Service-Oriented Application Integration (SOA) or Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), MRE helps you identify the integration solution that best fits your business needs.

Our application integration architects and designers identify your integration requirements and common data elements between systems in order to optimize your integration solution. MRE also helps you select the proper communications protocol to reliably transport data between systems.

Production Support

Even the most carefully developed IT systems may experience minor hiccups once they are rolled out across an entire network. As errors occur, the initial programming needs to be reexamined and refined to meet actual (as opposed to anticipated) user needs. MRE’s production support specialists investigate and work to resolve programming flaws as they arise, relieving user frustration and allowing your company to experience the benefits of its technology investments more quickly.

Infrastructure Analysis & Optimization

Information technology forms a large part of the infrastructure of any modern company — and like any other aspect of your business, it needs to be regularly examined to determine whether it’s operating at peak efficiency. MRE’s technology experts can assess your infrastructure as a whole, with a focus on IT, and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and ensure your systems are equipped to endure unexpected disasters. We then work to optimize your infrastructure through IT solutions including server consolidation and virtualization, business continuity planning, and application troubleshooting.

IT Security Analysis

MRE has extensive experience assessing, implementing and improving IT security measures. Our areas of expertise include IT network security, network intrusion detection and IP video camera surveillance.

Our IT security personnel ― experts who carry security certifications such as CISSP ― work with you to identify and assess vulnerabilities in your network. These threats are then neutralized and your network is secured against unauthorized intrusions and malicious attacks.