Brady Hewitt


Brady HewittBrady HewittDirector

Brady Hewitt joined MRE Consulting in 2017 as a Director.  A native Houstonian and Harvard graduate, Brady brings 17 years of technology experience to MRE, having led IT groups and consulted for a range of companies and industries.

Brady developed a focus on CTRM in 2005, and has now delivered implementations and other projects featuring a variety of bespoke and off-the-shelf products, including those from Allegro, OpenLink, and FIS.  He has worked on successful projects with US and global marketing and trading businesses in the oil, gas, LNG, and refined products spaces.  Brady has held a wide spectrum of roles within those efforts and leverages that experience to ensure the right resources are working on the right things on every project and that his customers have the people in place to enable their systems to continue to improve and evolve well beyond project closure.

Brady plans to work with MRE to help customers define and realize their goals by optimizing their CTRM investments.

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